Campervan - Large Scratch & Dent Repair

A recent customer of ours brought in their LWB campervan which had quite a nasty scratch and dent on their rear left side. We were tasked with making it look as good as new. Here are the stages involved with this repair...


campervan dent and scratch

1. Dent Pulling

First we have to pull the dents back out. To do this we weld small eyelets into the dent, along the inner most ridge of the dent. We then use a steel rod as leverage to pull the dent outward and back into it's original shape.

campervan dent pulling
campervan dent weld

2. Filling the Damaged Area

Once the major dents have been removed, we then fill the affected areas and once dry, sand the surface back to a smooth finish.

campervan dent filler

3. Prime & Paint

Next up comes the pretty part. Once the area has been primed, we then paint the area a number of times with colour matched paint. We have a very expensive spectrophotometer that matches the colour exactly, and we create the paint in house. We then blend into the original paint for a seamless finish and the paint dries in our state of the art paint booth.

campervan scratch and dent paint repair
campervan paint repair

4. Wash

We then move on to refitting any additional parts to the vehicle such as plastic trims in this case, before the vehicle is washed and ready to be picked up!

campervan paint scratch repair

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